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Colour Me Red by Diesel13 (jp65535)
Not bad. There are some issues that jump out at me.

It feels pretty compressed overall and lacking dynamics. Except the toms are a bit loud and pop out but don't seem to trigger any more compression so I'm assuming it's over worked tape emulator or saturator of some sort. It's not bad tonally. It's warm and all that but the song feels trapped a bit. The BGVs are pretty loud and feel disconnected from the rest of the mix.

I think the vocal distortion is cool but there could be less of it. Maybe change it up in different parts of the song. It kinda takes away from the vocal and makes it fatiguing.

The Bass sits well. The snare sounds good. All the instruments sound good actually. They just feel muffled.

The vocal effect is cool on that one line but might be too different and jarring a change. It's cool to highlight the fact that that line is someone else's words than the singer's. You might just need to figure out a way to work it in more smoothly. Maybe a little delay on the lead that trails from the one voice to the other.

Hope that all makes sense.

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