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Diesel13: Colour Me Red
ευχαριστώ πολύ, Ανδρέα!! όταν κάποιο τραγούδι μου αρέσει πάρα πολύ, θέλω να είναι τέλειο! Smile
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This mix has a nice homogenous quality to it -- it seems to glue together nicely. Presumably this is because of careful use of effects and compression, the later also providing some nice pumping effects in the mix which help bring it alive. I think the transients of the acoustic guitars could perhaps be smoothed off a little to prevent them sitting so far forward of the rest of the band, but otherwise I like the illusion being generated here.

In any mix where there's a bass guitar with electric/acoustic guitars over it, there one particular question that's critical: how much low midrange should the guitars have, relative to the bass guitar. In Americana it's particularly tricky to gauge this, because if you give the guitars too much low end you end up sounding too much like heavy rock, whereas if you give the bass guitar too much low midrange it begins to sound a bit too much like pop country -- and it's the latter direction that this mix seems to be tending towards a bit too much for me. The plus side is that you get lots of sweet-sounding warmth and plenty of focus on the melodic interest of the bass part itself, but what you lose is a sense of power and authority from the guitars. Someone on another thread commented that the guitars are the soul of the groove here, and I can see their point there. By curtailing their body as much as this I they don't seem to propel the music nearly as well, as well as generally giving the mix tonality a strangely 'hollow' feel, despite no lack of sheer low end from the bass guitar. Of course, the nature of the bass guitar itself doesn't help here, as it has a good deal more low midrange than you can probably make use of. Try favouring its fundamental more, and you should then be able to rely less on the midrange for subjective power.

I wonder whether the guitar thinning is also the reason why the arrival of the Mid-sections doesn't make the psychological impact I'd hope, but it might just be that you've been too coy with the ElecGtr02 and ElecGtr03 parts -- they're a vital part of the arrangement dynamics, so I'd let them shine more than you have, whether you do that with simple level and panning, or by odd effects (as some people have).

Lots of good solid decisions here, though, and there's a good logic internally. Thanks for letting us hear it!
Here's my submission to the contest after some adjustments after considering Mike's comments

.mp3    Diesel 13 - Colour Me Red(4).mp3 --  (Download: 7.57 MB)

mixing since April 2013