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APZX: 'Cyber Mower
New mix

.mp3    Cyber Mower.mp3 --  (Download: 12.25 MB)

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again I really wanted to get people to get try and think outside of the box with this track. I mean in my mix I did a lot of weird stuff.

All right initial impressions!

Man you got that main synth in the beginning JUST SPANKIN'!! Bass is perhaps a little bit under the kick, but that kick and its like trashiness? Heck yeah! The take down to the breakdown is also pretty good. And you did a wonderful job with those pads! The drum beat works quite well. Though I do wish the lead in this section were a bit more pronounced. Then the little bridge. Oooh those percs are wonderful! Brass stab is pretty tastefully treated, but based on the rest of the mix I was kind of hoping you were going to make that little saw riff just sear into the ear. The climax comes in and it seems to suffer from the same thing where the level seems to drop a bit. You've got the percs nice in there, but the lead is a bit understated, and the saw riff is a bit lost. Granted I know that this a hard section to mix for sure, and I spent many a hour trying to get it where I wanted it.

Overall, I love the aggression in this. I really do. I mean it just sounds meaty and HEAVY.
Cheers for the feedback.Glad you likes a lot of what i done .