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Ian Dearden - Thursday reverie
here's my mix. I've been trying to make a separation between the different song sections so it was not too "lineal"; but always in a subtle way with some added effects. I didn't want to alter the original score too much.

.mp3    Ian Dearden - Thursday Reverie.mp3 --  (Download: 5.5 MB)

mixing since April 2013
I loved your mix!! You had a different emphasis to me - more bass, and the background "whoosh" & clicking sounds quite a bit more prominent in the mix!! I love this piece of music, and i'm so delighted to hear another perspective on the mix issues!!
Many thanks
Ian D
thank you, Ian for letting us work with one of your compositions! I really enjoyed it and I'm glad you liked my point of view! Smile
mixing since April 2013