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PHSN mixdown
This is a bit closer to what I'm used to working with (I'm not a rock/metal guy, but I'm learning!). I like how the drums sound but there's just too many strong square/sawy synths to fit together too nicely in the production. Makes it hard to mixdown too too well with so many strong parts fighting each other. Still had a bit of fun messing about with it!

.mp3    trance mixdown.mp3 --  (Download: 13.03 MB)

Let me preface this by saying that I submitted this track because I felt it brought a certain challenge to the individual mixing it. Like how do you integrate all of these really aggressive sounds together? The intro is pretty standard affair stuff without much complexity really going on. The breakdown is where things start to get complicated. Because there is this strange drum beat in there for seemingly no reason that should have at least you made you think. Then finally there is the last final push. That should have at least caused some strain on the noggin.

All right initial impressions!

Starting off really dry. Digging the kick, nice emphasis on its clickiness. Bass could probably stand to be up a bit more. I also really like what you did with the snare! Wonderfully dead. Now, at 1:30 that little riff really needs some excitement to it. I personally applied delay to it to double up the notes (I really love doing that kind of thing). Coming into the breakdown and just letting things be their own. All right! That drum beat here? It isn't meant to be a solid thing. I know that is really hard to read, and initially I did mean for it to be, but I ultimately trimmed out a lot of it. Though you brought up the moment really quite nicely there with the mini climax. Bring down that brass stab though. Too loud. It is going to argue with the the saw lead if you don't actually space things front to back. Then you come into the climax where the level actually backs off a bit. Good clarity on the percussion though and that little saw lead. I had a hard time keeping that present with the leads. Though I favored going in heavier with the leads.

Overall I feel a bit dry and straight interpretation of the mix. Kind of wished you went a bit more out there with it. Pretty darn good though.