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first try, dead roses
this is my first serious atempt to mix a song, please help me Big Grin.

.mp3    dead roses.mp3 --  (Download: 3.85 MB)

Welcome to this great site !
I think you can bring the piano up in volume similar level with the guitars.
The snare is a little loud and wondering if you used any effects on it or just panned it a little ?
The female backing vocal can come up a little ,especially at 2.02 the female vocal needs to come up the same level as the male vocal.
I am learning Daw mixing as a fun hobby and hope this feedback helps.


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Hi,yes the snare is miles too loud here,and maybe the lead guitar a tad but not a bad ballance you have going here .
The acoustic panning could be better but that all comes with practice and i think you have some strange delay going on in there
With the acoustics somewhere.Try just nudging one track forward till you have got the hang of using delay as i also notice you have tried using it on the womans vocal too and its a bit all over the shop so just put a little reverb on the vocs and have a read up up on vocal delay etc.You should buy Mikes book it is very very good for everything you will ever need to know