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My try
Hi !

My roses are really dead now. Big Grin Tried and errored for days.

Hope you like it.


.mp3    deadroses(benninghoffremix).mp3 --  (Download: 3.64 MB)

You have a fair bit of nasty high end stuff in there.
Put some filters on the acoustic guitars etc and have a sweep around with eq on everything.
The ballance dnt sound to bad,the verb on the womans vocal is a bit nasty
Hi Stringod

your balance is quite good,i would sugest to try and get the bass guitar and kick level as the kick is louder than the bass guitar. Also try to tone down the treble on the vocals mainly the female vocal. Maybe the hF is being caused by the master limiter or compresser as it sounds to be on the whole mix or the mp3 quality wich i have had similar thing happen.
Before doing any eqing or mix adjustments, have a listen to the raw mix before final limiting it just might need to be re adjusted.

good work


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I definetly learned something by mixing this. I should sleep a night after mixing a song, before I publish it. Big Grin

The bassdrum isn't the original. I replaced it, because there are strange noises on the bassdrum tracks. Sounds like the mic hits somewhere, shortly after the attack. I tried eqing and a gate, but nothing works. It's a bit too loud, that's right.
In my opinion the drums must be edited to work fine or replayed. Same with the bass. There are extreme loudness differences between the notes and that's not because of phase issues, I think. Cause I soloed the amp track. I automated the bass to get balance and compressed a lot.

I like the high end on these kind of vocals, but I don't hear too much. In older versions I had too much and got trouble with the ss-es . I don't figured out how to de-ess in a way, that the ss-es sound naturely.

The piano has a little too much treble, I think.

Maybe it's a better way to mix this song i more a live kind of sound. A gig in a bar.