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Catching Up, Alexander Birch Mix
I have seen a few people mention how hard this mix was? I did struggle with the ambient guitar part as is has a really really really high noise floor which i couldn't be bothered to work out how to fix but other than that this track mixed itself really. I gave myself a time limit on this track but It was recorded so well that I didn't have to many problems comparatively to usual mixes.
I'm not saying my mix is fantastic, quite the contrary, but comparatively to other multi track sessions i have mixed this was quite refreshing.

Anyways check it out, tell me my mix sucks as i might be talking bollocks!

If you want to check out my website it



.mp3    LyndseyOllard_CatchingUpMasterFinal_3.mp3 --  (Download: 8.62 MB)

Hello AlexSmile
That's cool! Clean and good panned guitars. Overall sounds soft and atmospheric.
Maybe cutting the low mids, when plays first drums kit, make sound more intimity.
Well done!