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First Reggae Mix! First post too :) Hi
Hi guys. New here. LMK what you think! It's not perfect of course but after a few hours it's come a long way. I think I got some of that character the raw stems don't have that's indicative of this genre of music. It was hella fun.

The bass went through a modded old DBX118 I have and love basses on. I smashed the kick through it as well and then sent that squash through a UREI EQ to add some lows before blending it back in.

The guitars went through a light spring reverb and some hardware EQ as well before getting reamped.

The rims went through a tube preamp to give em some natural width and stereo separation.

The rest was plugs, mostly Slate Digital stuff. Every track through the virtual RC tube console and tape machine. Waves RS56 was an EQ that worked great on a few stems in this track because when you push esp the high end on that EQ you get a character you can't get another way. Fits reggae very well! I like that EQ. Colorful.

.mp3    reggae mixdown.mp3 --  (Download: 8.55 MB)


like it! nice backing vocals! Smile like the bass.


Power en movimiento!! exelente