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I'm starting my mix!
Hi! I'm new here and I'm at my second year on a sound engineering career at a university here in my country (Argentina).
Next period I will course "Digital Mixing" and I'm practicing (Also I make my own music).
I just started a few hours ago and this is only a portion of the song, the first part. I will be uploading more than this obviously but I wanted to know opinions and advice from this great comunity.
So, please tell me what about my start!

Thanks in advance!

Toni Leys

.mp3    Impossible Colours - Dune Rider (Toni Leys\' Mix).mp3 --  (Download: 2.91 MB)

Please visit my website!
Toni Leys~
Hi Toni and welcome!

I like the treatment of the bass at the start of this song - very original.
The instrument elements are all audible and though at first I thought the organs and guitars during the "noooo ooooh" breaks were a bit too loud, the dynamic of having them up in the mix works.
Nice change to have the focus in these elements and leaving the rhythm section back in the mix a little.
The bandpass idea is great for the first verse vocals but there's a resonant harmonic in there that's a bit distracting, most noticeable in the words "all for".

Looking forward to hearing how you progress with this song. I haven't attempted it myself but it seems like a tricky song to mix (but then, which song *isn't* trickier than first anticipated?) Wink

Good work so far!
So many songs, so little time!