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Howlin - Please Critique
It was a nice challenge; took me several days to get all the tracks right.

.mp3    Amber Skye - Howlin\'.mp3 --  (Download: 9.92 MB)

Hello SPSX

I see you left out some tracks. Its an interesting take.

*Acoustic guitar sounds muffled. It's hard to make a distinction. Perhaps cut some 200-400-hz area.
*Vocal is too dry for this particular kind of song. Needs more verb and a bit of delay to create that atmosphere. Tracks themselves aren't enough, you gotta have that ambiance in the vocals.
*Really love the approach you took with the different vocals at your disposal. Sounds like a nice remix.
*at @2:57 that vocal screams "i need reverb" is really out of place in comparison with the rest.
*hihats need to be boosted to really glue the rythm section. I hear mostly kick and snare.. that's about it.
*One thing I found lacking was the low end power... needs more bass.. check the synth for the bass and boost some lows to make this punchy.
*at 1:44 .. there is a clip. That particular track is not a distortion clip. It's a really super high freq. audible only to (dogs, wolves, etc.) If you have a pet you his/her ear will bleed if they hear that super high pitch track. (i believe is called howl in the master tracks) You should turn that down as is not supposed to be audible for us. again.. if a dog hears that he will go mad crazy Lol

Overall well balanced and interesting approach. The vocals need major work though to get that ambiance.
Feel free to check my mix for a reference on vocals.. is not the best but is decent enough for you to get some ideas.