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Hey, Delilah - Big Head Todd... a tgraph mix
This was a fun live song to try to mix... I kept it at -1dB peak and about 13.2 integrated loudness with a PLR of 12.2.

.mp3    21 Hey Delilah.mp3 --  (Download: 13.44 MB)

Mixing is way more art and soul than science. ~ E.K.
Cool drum effect. I do think you may have been intimidated by the bass. Can't blame you there. It was a beast. I think you could bet more out of the bass to make it work better with your drums. The snare in this song was an elusive bugger. Regardless of the compression used it changes character through the song and is tough to get just right throughout the song. The hat gets a bit too strident for me but I do like what you did with the guitar solo. That was a bear.
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