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Dead Roses - CloudCuckoo Mix
Hey all,

here is my take on the song. I really enjoyed the mixing process but I had some trouble with the piano. Where to put it in the song. I also struggled to get depth in the mix without the instruments sounding too much away. I wanted to keep the intimate feeling of the vocal.

I appreciate comments on my mix.

Best regards,

.mp3    Dead Roses - Andrew Cole.mp3 --  (Download: 8.9 MB)

I think you've done a very nice job with this mix. The vocals had some challenges in this song and you've done a great job of placing in the environment while keeping them intimate. I also think your treatment of the piano is fine. Three things : The acoustic guitars might benefit from more attention, not quite sold on the added effects on the electrics, the vocal effects on the final phrase missed the mark a bit and your mastering level is kind of low. These are minor issues so over-all, I enjoyed your mix of this.
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