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Zwiepack: 'Air' mix
I went for a natural sound in a big room. Mainly used the main microphone and added quite a bit of the bass spot. For the room feeling I used the room mics and some reverb.

.mp3    air mp3.mp3 --  (Download: 5.97 MB)

Lovely sounding through headphones. Really like the softness of the saxophone. No harshness at all! Great sense of space and ambience. Well Done.
Nice airy sound and no harshness to the Sax. What about adding some more instruments , i.e. Percussion , brushes on ride cymbal perhaps?
Thank you for all your kind comments!!
Nice sound, I like it.
Personally I feel, that the low end of the bass is a bit too stereo now, espcesially if one listens with headphones. Otherwise I have nothing to complain. Great mix.
Oh yes you are right. I mixed it only on my monitors and there I didn't even notice this...I guess I should probably also listen to my mixes on headphones!