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Mix by gleonardops
Hi There, I liked the song a lot. I hope you enjoy the mix, thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions...

.mp3    Dead Roses.mp3 --  (Download: 5.43 MB)

hi i like your mix ,one big problem is you need to dees more,the vocals jast to strong on the esses and on 3-4k ,ther volume are fine but its not good .all the other are jast diffrent tast thay are fine but i dont like them .1 i did uze different revrb on the drums smaller than you,
2. the reverb on the female voc is small
3. the electric guitar need more compretion to stay even in volume and i think its need more volume but its fine also where it is.
overall feel is good i like it i jast cant listen because of the male vocal its hurting my hears on hi volume fixit Smile
(07-07-2012, 05:58 AM)gleonardops Wrote: Hi There, I liked the song a lot. I hope you enjoy the mix, thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions...

Hi Gleonardops,

Its a good mix. Just a few points i would like to point out.
a) the vocals get a little harsh in parts esp. in chorus and loud parts.
b) the volume variation b/n the chorus and verse is a bit much. I think the chorus is a tad loud comparatively and jumps out suddenly.
c) I might be hearing some side chain ducking of the rhythm section keyed by the vocals . I might be wrong here. Please clarify if you have done that.

apart from that I find it to be good. just the harshness and the comparative loudness of the chorus put me off.

Hi gleonardops, and welcome to the Discussion Zone! Smile I like the airy feel you've achieved in the tonality, and you've also managed to give a nice sense of stereo width without much in the way of mono compromises, which is good. I like the piano sound, and the drums function pretty well in context, I think, despite feeling a little spindly if you listen to them directly. (The main thing I miss with the drums is more of a sense of blend, as if they're one instrument rather than a selecting of different mics -- the toms particularly. Short reverb would be my weapon of choice.) It sounds like you've used quite a lot of guitar DI, which seems a bit of a shame, though, given how many mics you've got to choose from.

The bass feels rather inconsistent in terms of its place in the balance. Perhaps a bit more compression might help there, or some more automation -- I'd expect to be using a combination of both in a production like this. The only other thing that I'm not sure about is the vocal tonalities -- that rasp in Andrew's voice needles me from time to time (for example around 4.2kHz for "in the air" at 2:57), and the female vocalist doesn't seem to fit naturally with him yet. Myself, I'd probably fade her up a bit, and let through a touch more of the 200-300Hz region to give her some more solidity.

A rewarding listen overall, though, nonetheless.
you must be kidding me.....:-)