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My 3rd mix or so after reading Mike's amazing book..
Loved the raw recordings and mood of the track. I would be happy to get some feedback from the crowd!

Biggest beast was the arrangement, Ive muted a lot (!) to get a kind of logical flow into the track and create some build ups from part to part without touching the strange-ness of the raw mix too much.

To tame the weirdo bass and give it a triphop-ish drum signature both elements are heavily compressed (and sidechained) to create some slight pumping fx.

The track had many layers playing at the same time without allowing a proper introduction of the elements. So Ive worked a lot with the room/eq to a) create depth and b) make as much as possible listenable.

Vocal processing is quite simple, just some basic stuff plus a EMT 140 plate and delay. Specialy the backings gave that whole thing a very dramatic and genre breaking touch imo. This is why the fader was giving them quite a lot of room.

Also mastered the mix (that's the version attached). Used some grit from an analog preamp VST and did some EQ work to clean it up. Final limiter is a compromise between radio loudness and an album master.

My main question would be the bass. Too loose? The track lives from its massive sound and my room eats reliable information in that basement. I work more with a grafic eq to 'see' whats going on down there. Not sure about the final result.

However, it was great fun. Drop a comment pls..

.mp3    MIX TRAINING I MASTER.mp3 --  (Download: 8.53 MB)

yes, this one was a challenge... nice work on layering and giving things their place! the emphasis on the kick gives it a hiphoppy feel. maybe a touch too loud. on my headphones the bass is maybe a bit heavy especially in the kick. keep on mixing!
thx much, happy to read the effort in layering payed off Smile I was almost sure on that bass issue on other systems, your prove is worth a lot. def need to upgrade my gear to be able to hear what I am doing, mixing "deaf" just relying on the grafic EQ in the low´s is obviously kinda pointless. ive just read that Bob Katz recommends the entry price Oppo´s as headphone solution for bass mixing. Gonna try those cans now. Cheers buddy
Sounds great .The Bass is a bit much on the real lows .
Maybe filter it a bit and compress it really hard with
a multi band from 200 down.Also have a did around
that low end to take out some of the rumble.
Great work really enjoyed it.