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Who I Am - Y Mix
Hi guys,

Great opportunity to be able to mix this song Nashville style! By the way big thanks to Uncle Dad & Telefunken USA to provide those stems. Great performance, top notch players and the arrangement is simply brilliant. All parts add the right touch where it is needed and is a testament to the skills and tastes of the players here.

Back to the mix, there is a lot of work underneath. I tried to have a lift in the chorus by automating the parts and adding some grit to the vocals. As usual I try to add the instruments gradually to follow the climax of the song.

More and more I also try to listen and correct the mix against many environments (earbuds, headphones, small & big speakers). I don't know how it really translates to your system but I feel that my mixes are getting less muddy especially on the lower register, but still maybe a tad bright ...?

Mix in Cubase Pro 8.5 with Waves/Slate plugins.

Thanks for your listening and please leave a comment.


.mp3    WhoIAm.mp3 --  (Download: 5.96 MB)

Nice one, I've used the Slate plugins too and mine has come through sounding very similar.