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Progresivo 1, El Vuelo - Jwood Mix
This was a challenging mix but I enjoyed it. There are lots of tracks to work with and a good bit of creative breathing room for the mix. I used this opportunity to teach myself how to accomplish certain sounds that I want as well as accomplish certain goals in the sound of the mix. I've been trying out new techniques and workflows as well, just to see what really works for this and that.

Constructive criticism is more than welcome!

Note 1: The pop at the beginning is a rendering error of some sort.

Note 2: After listening to this a few days after finishing (so as to rest my ears from this mix) I hear that this mix lacks punch and a clear sense of direction (it could be more articulate). I could've added more volume on the rhythm guitars and brought the lead guitar up front a bit more; something along those lines.

.mp3    Pablo Martin - Progresivo 1, El Vuelo (Final Mixdown).mp3 --  (Download: 8.94 MB)

Hi Jwood, it seems you are doing a great job there, Im not in the studio now to suggest some specific stuff, but I can suggest you that in this song the basic thing is that it s not a guitar+band one, so probably you will have to use some automatization and make wise decisions on reverbs, compressions, delays and eq to make things clear when they need to appear and dissapear.

i like the guitar sound, maybe try pushing the bass to have more depth until it crashes with the cellos and orchestra iif it happens. also try to blend orchestra with the guitars, maybe some unusual eq on them could help Wink

have fun and thanks a lot for mixing my song!
HereĀ“s a new one coming soon!
Thanks for the input! I've been working a lot since this mix and have undergone some serious upgrades to my home studio and will probably mix this again soon. The new mix will be significantly better. Keep an eye out Wink
nice!!! forgot to ask before :
That band was recorded after this song in the studio, any suggestion is received. There s a big difference with real instruments!
I want them to upload some of their songs too.