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'Ill Fate' Mix
My first take at it. Some of the things done along with standard mixing/editing:

replaced snare and kick

reamped and doubled guitars

inserted a couple bass drops for the heck of it

it was a rather short song, so it wasn't much trouble, i had fun with it!Wink

.mp3    Ill Fate mix.mp3 --  (Download: 5.27 MB)

[I've merged this thread with your previous one, because that helps keep all related posts in the same thread, which is the normal approach here. Mike S.]

changes from the first mix:

reamped guitars with more fitting tone (6505+ with mesa and avatar cabs)

added automation and effects

cleaned up levels EQ curves to open the mix up a bit more

I believe this a much better mix than my first attempt, I would probably feel like 97% comfortable with this as a final un-mastered mix. Jam it, and give me feedback! thanks!

p.s. I work from an ASUS laptop with Studio One pro 2, m-audio fast track pro, KRK rokit 6s, and just a few other inexpensive studio related items, it CAN be done cheap, you just gotta know how to use what you have! c:

.mp3    Ill Fate final mix.mp3 --  (Download: 5.34 MB)