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Quick 1 hour mix
Spent about 1 hour mixing this song. On listening back, I would change a few things but this is how it turned out anyway.

Mixed in the box on Cubase 5 with the following plugins
  • Izotope Ozone 5 (Reverb, Exciter, Imager, Dynamics)
  • Waves CLA-76
  • Waves V-EQ4

Would love to hear suggestions for improvement or any other feedback.

[Edit] #Take 2 mix below.

- J

.mp3    Heartache Reborn 01.mp3 --  (Download: 11.05 MB)

The noise removed at the start and finish would be good,i like the vocals the way they sit together.
I think the acoustic is a bit too wet but that might be just me,also i think the acoustic could have
a bit more bottom end not too much
Thanks for the input takka360 Wink

Yeah, listening back I feel it was a bit too wet with reverb. My ears must have become immune to it during the mix. I'll try and improve it and post another.

Thanks again.
- J
What kills mixing that song also is the guitar track over the vocals,why they do this then wonder why
they cant get a great mix ,you see it time and time again.
# Take 2
Was aiming to accomplish the following. Hope it works.
  • Brighten the vocals to give them more clarity and air.
  • Push the female backing vocal to the back
  • Give more body to the acoustic
  • Fix the reverbs

Again, all thoughts welcomes Wink

- J

.mp3    Heartache Reborn 04.mp3 --  (Download: 11.05 MB)

I'm listening to the second version.

The lead vocal is too loud IMO. It also needs some volume riding as there are spots where the vocal really stick out a lot and hurts my ears. I know the recording isn't perfect, but maybe you can get rid of the nasal vocal sound some more.

I don't really hear much of the backup vocal, but I think that's primarily caused by the lead vocal.

The mix sounds very compressed to me.