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Öjebokören: 'That's Entertainment'
I used only very few effects. Some reverb on all the spots and a bit of EQ and compression on the piano. Most of the work was done in balancing the voices and using lots of automation.
I did not use the MS pair at all, but instead used only the AB as the main microphone setup.

.mp3    That\'s Entertainment.mp3 --  (Download: 2.83 MB)

Wow, smooth. Maybe a little too smooth. Balance/image is great. Maybe the piano should be a bit more present. Just a little bit.
At the very end there is some late t:s that can be erased.
Thank you for your kind reply! Yes I gave focus to the choir and thought of the piano mainly as support for the choir.
Nice work. What DAW do you use and what tools. I see you post a lot. That's great. I just discovered this site. Do you know of any other good sites get that have multitrack soft training. I want to try and add some parts to the existing songs.

IMHO, the piano could be sharper , more real. The vocals are cool , 70-ish chorus . The bass end is a bit muddy on the men's parts. But I suppose there is a limit to what can be done to improve this.
Hi jwalker99. Welcome to this forum. I mainly use Cubase for my mixing and the built in effects. I do not own any other plug-ins so I have to make do with the Cubase ones. I don't know of any other sites that offer this much material. I was pretty happy that I found this site which gives music in so many different genres. I guess with most of these songs you can try adding your own parts.
I kept the piano in the background on purpose. If I understand correctly what you mean with sharp, I think it is already a bit too sharp (but again that is the classical musician in me talking).
Lovely softer sounding mix. You approach was completely different to mine. From memory I based my mix around the M/S pair. It's interesting listening to different mixes and processes especially when it works well. I also like that you have placed the piano back a little, I think It fits in nicely.