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Bosnian Rainbows - Morning Sickness 80's mix
Hi there folks,

Encountered this very nice song and immediately I got flashbacks from the 80's Big GrinCool

So thats the way I felt about this song, so thats the way I tried to get that 80's atmosphere into it, a bit Simple Minds

slightly tuned the lead vox (iZotope Nectar)

Comments are very welcome.


.mp3    Bosnian Rainbows - Morning Sickness.mp3 --  (Download: 10.39 MB)

Pro Tools 12.7
-Mobile and static studios are ready :-)
'Mixing is pure subjective, once the 1st mix is launched it will be considered as the best, hence the standard'
Nice, nice, niiiiice mix Smile . I really enjoy ur use of space and depth. Great work with the voice (rev, delay, tuning Wink Wink ) And the paning effect for that synt, it really makes the song much more interesting. Nice balance with the drums too as they are not too much present on the mix but still cut thru ...the only thing that i'd add is to turn up the guitar solo, is lost somewhere in the back.