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SergeiK mix
Here is my attempt. It seems to me that I end up with very LF rich mixSmile As I see it, vocals, drums and upright bass are main elements in this arrangement and the purpose of others is to fill out the texture. So with this in mind I mixed this song.

.mp3    James May - If You Say (SergeiK mix3).mp3 --  (Download: 6.43 MB)

A very pleasant and naturalistic presentation in this mix, and generally very sensible balancing throughout too, with great use of blend effects. I'd probably try to bring the vocal a little further forward in terms of its tone -- some 'air' EQ boost at 15kHz would go down a treat for me! I'd probably also look at rounding off those frequencies slightly on the percussion and guitar pick-noise too, simply to transfer those a little more into the background compared with the vocal.

The bass is the main stumbling block for me here, because there's a massive resonance around 65Hz that takes off sporadically, and not always in musically appropriate places (for example at 0:37). This is something I'd probably try to deal with using a narrow EQ peaking cut, probably in conjunction with some multi-band compression of the bass instrument's LF region. Dynamic EQ could also work well. Whatever you do, try to apply it prior to any full-band compression that you give the bass, otherwise the fullband processing won't really be able to do its job properly.
hi SergeiK
i go with mike on the bass to much on the low end.
i think the feel is wrong its to distracting the attention from the vocal i think in this song evry thing need to stay away from the vocal more.