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my summertime
Hope you like. mixed in the box with Studio one 3, waves plugins

no mastered


Any input??

from argentina


.mp3    Summertime2.mp3 --  (Download: 7.77 MB)

.mp3    Summertime3.mp3 --  (Download: 7.73 MB)

no comments???
Great bass sound.

Balances feel right.

Some minor issues came to my mind:

Overall sound is probably a bit to high frequency enhanced, at least in my system. Something is happening there that bothers me a bit. Now it feels to me that drums are not supporting sax but rather distrubing the sax.

As if the snap sidechains master buss compression?
Snap has very strong transients. It must be a sample? Maybe those transients are causing some sort of bumbing effect. How about adding some saturation to it? That alone could be enough to fix that issue.
Olli the rimshot might disturb a little because it has a small tap to generate the stereo effect, and actually has a parallel compression bus in the drums, maybe it affects the problem mentioned
Olli I hope you like the summertime3 I think this version is better mixed.