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Summertime - Olli H
-25 degrees C outside gives a nice motivation to mix "Summertime".

New version (2016-01-09) with smoother top and less rustle

.mp3    summertime-2016-01-09-olli-h.mp3 --  (Download: 7.66 MB)

.mp3    summertime-2016-01-07-olli-h.mp3 --  (Download: 7.66 MB)

lovely ambience. I have just finished my mix and I can find a lot of similarities Smile
mixing since April 2013
-25 deg C... I mixed mine trying to escape +40 deg C Summers day at the same time keeping an eye out for bush fire threats. The world we live in...
Great job Olli! The bass is lovely and focused (something I need to focus on) and the timbre of the cross stick is really nice. I was waiting to see what you would come up with. Very enjoyable, Well Done.

Keep warm as I try to keep cool.Cool
Lovely mix Olli i like it a lot .
The sax sounds a just touch compressed and boosted in the 200 -300 hz area which is probably a personal taste thing to my ears.
I Haven't tried this yet and hopefully can do as good as job !
Cheers Big Grin

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THanks for listening everybody. I just added a new version, hopefully a bit smoother.

@thedon. Hopefully the compression issue is also solved. I'm not sure what caught your attention but I changed the balance of mics, the close mic started to distrub me. Compression effect could have been also caused by my attempts to reduce the dominant rim sound in other mics.