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Pray for the Rain
Tried to do something different than the band mix. Enjoyed mixing the BGV's.

Please leave comments on anything you think could be improved or you don't like that I can get busy fixing. Thanks !!

.m4a    Pray for the Rainm5.m4a --  (Download: 11.33 MB)

Some sweet things happening here. Nicely stated throughout except for maybe the guitar solo. The brittleness of it is in too sharp a contrast to the very smooth yet clear nature of the rest of your instrumental content.
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Hi PrimalMix - thanks for mixing our track! Just had a listen - cool mix ! I like the effect on the verse guitars. I have a few minor comments. Tom1 sounds a little loud or perhaps dry - feels a little disconnected from the rest of the kit. Really like the hi-hat sound and balance. The ride cymbal pokes out a bit - may need a little attack removed from a transient designer or something or lowered in level - minor comment. Lead vocal sounds really good - was maybe wanting a few moments of ear candy delays or other. BVs sound great - really nice. Solo guitar sound is quite thin and low in level - feels behind the rest of the band. Also an opportunity for some delays perhaps. There is a bit of overall balance pull to the left when Tom1 hits at the end section - perhaps hitting buss compressor too hard?

Really nice balance overall - smooth sounding mix - thanks again for mixing the track !