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"An Nasc Nua" by Su
Hello to all,
this is my first post and I hope in your welcome in this community.
I found by chance and I was really intrigued by this board.
the availability of audio tracks is exceptional there is really fun.

I downloaded something and I started with this "An NASC Nua".
I did not listen to reference special .. just a normal PC with a small headphone JVC, also curious to understand how different feel my ears from your Smile

The song is very attractive, and only all-acoustic string instruments, the many voices give the possibility dicreare a richer environment and is almost tempted to leave the idea of ​​purism.
in the file there are many things left out, not only that required serious time ... (but I could not wait to post Smile

Forgive me if I translate what I write with google translated but are not comfortable with languages ​​other than Italian.

Just take confidence with the community will try to say my point of view on your work

for now at all good music

.mp3    AnNascNua_su2.mp3 --  (Download: 7.06 MB)