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I choosed Directions for my first mix
Great website and thanks to you there are many things to learn also in the Discussion Zone. I'm afraid I'll spend a lot of time here... ;-)

Please send me your comments and advices. This is quite new for me and I would like your inputs ! Thanks in advance.

Best regards, JonK

.mp3    TomMcKenzie_Directions_JonK.mp3 --  (Download: 5.92 MB)

Good, fat and soft bass and gool crunchy guitar at 2:09-2:20
But, you should be careful with reverb, especially: guitar, which goes from the beginning of the song and with a strange instrument (bass? guitar? )) which does todoom-todoom from 2:20. It needs less reverb. And, finally, kick is not very well heard, it is in the shadow of the bass.
Sorry for my bad English 8)