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Engineer's Comments
Hi everyone, I'm Callum, I was the lead engineer in the recording session.

There is tuning and timing issues with this track and a lot of rumble in a few of the tracks, especially in the tracks Room L&R, so I highly recommend using HPF'ing the problems tracks.

I can't really remember the microphones and placement exactly, as I did record this session months ago.

I recorded this for a project for university, in which I received full marks and was told in my feedback of the assignment, that it was one of the best in the class.

But we're not on here to talk about me, enjoy and I shall be commenting on your mixes as best as I can and any questions you want answers for, please please please please and again please ask me, I'll do my very best to answer anything you lot ask me Smile

All the best and happy mixing!
Great to have you here getting involved, Callum! And, thanks again, of course, for supplying these tracks for everyone to learn from.

(I'll stick this thread so that people have a central location where they can ask technical questions of you directly if they like.)
Looking forward to mixing this one - always nice to see some classical music up. And from a fellow SAE Londoner too!
BA(Hons) Audio Production at SAE London