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A lot went into this mix - it was difficult to get really clean and I'm still not sure I got everything the way I want. But since I'm doing this in my spare time to try and get my chops back, I think I got it "good enough" Smile

The bass line takes so much "room", so I thinned it a bit using a band-pass filter, and then I worked on the kick drum to fill out the rest of the really low end. I wanted a big kick, but it rang a bit much for me, so I gated it to shorten the note, heavily EQ'd it, and ran it through some compression to give it a little more bite. It is the original kick track. I did kinda the same thing for the one snare track, and the other snare track is left alone for the ghost taps.

The vocal tracks all went through very heavy multi-band compression to even out the tones a bit. This also brought out her breathing which I liked to hear.

The backing vocals on the chorus went through a band-pass filter and just a taste of distortion. That way, you could hear them along with the main vocal, but they didn't step on each other. I'm sure I could have probably done something different, but I thought the weirdness of it was cool. The whole song has a somewhat bizarre feel to it and I wanted to keep that going.

I hope you like it. Mixed on Tracktion 6 using only free plugins.


.mp3    Celebrate.mp3 --  (Download: 7.9 MB)