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My take on Iron Sheik (and first use of Relab LX480 from the Slate bundle)
First use of the Relab LX480, this track didn't call for much reverb so only a subtle bit on the snare, tambo and BVs but seems cool. Usually use Valhalla Vintage Verb but this seems more refined.

Few issues with the drum tracking, snare was pretty dead sounding and the overhead image was a bit weird. Toms sounded good but had soooo much cymbal bleed. Relied on samples more than I'd usually like to but I think it suits the song/genre.

Any thoughts?

.mp3    Dmix Dry Clean Only Iron Sheik.mp3 --  (Download: 5.29 MB)

Cool mix dude. U did a good work here Wink . I like the power and energy that u got on this mix.