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Mister Mister!
Hi guys!

I've just finished mixing this song, and thought I could share it with you.
Had some problems with the bass and the kick, but hopefully I found a right proportion Wink

I hope you guys have some comments to share Smile


PS: Excuse me if the volume is low, but I haven't mastered it yet.

.mp3    Mister Mister.mp3 --  (Download: 11.25 MB)

Nothing fishy about volume. It is just right. But backing vocals sound cheap and muffled to me. They need more air, and way more less low end. Also you brought things that a song can be without way too much (backing vocals and claps in the begining) so they drowned important stuff like drums, bass, keys and main vocal. Main vocal needs some kind of reverb or delay and it also needs to be louder. Other than that, drums and keys sound great.
Yeah, I kinda agree with backing vocals, haven't heard these lows!
I found those claps quite fancy, so I wanted them to stand out, but it's preference thing I guess.
And 100% agree on main vocal, though there's some reverb, I just didn't know how to mix it with all the spill there is on the other tracks. It's live recording, so it's hard to get it sounding like the studio one.

Thanks for the comment, appreciate it!