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What a great song to mix
So well recorded and played all the way so it was a piece of cake to mix it :-) just joking, lots of things going on to make room for in the mix. But it was fun all the way. Thanks Pablo for this great track!!
I hope I didn't kill it totally :-)


.mp3    ElVuelo2.mp3 --  (Download: 8.7 MB)

Hi Cassandra!
I must confess I used to be addicted to high frequencies and phobic to low ones, jajaja.
I heard your version and the only thing I could suggest is to check soloist guitars and effects (the delay in the solos, great idea by the way), maybe more delay or reverb. same with the arpeggio at the end. I guess the big difficulty of this song is to keep track of layers, my concept at least is to move instruments among them all the time (i dont like the guitar + band concept).

This is the next song i hope to upload soon, hope you like it and thanks a lot for mixing my music!
Pmartin, I hear You and this was an early mix in my process of learning. Lots of high frequencies. Wow, Will give this song another go someday. Relly like the song.
Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it :-)