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Maggie May - 70s/live mix
This song has a cool 70s vibe to it, and as it was all recorded togther I decided to try to go with the lively sound. This included using the original "raw" vocal (partly because of the bleed into the other instruments too).
There's loads of bass in the bass drum mic, so the sound of the bass was a little difficult to change, I just tweked things until I felt it was workable!

.mp3    Maggie May.mp3 --  (Download: 6.33 MB)

Good job. The bleed was a challenge for me too but I see that as part of the fun, just adding to the vibe of the song. I think the live sound works well here.
I am very impressed with your ear into the placement of instruments in this song. You either created or presented a very good sound field with very good balance and transparency. I especially liked the placement of the slide guitar. Good job.
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