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Lindy Hip Big Band - The Opener
Hi folks,

PEEEWWWW difficult tracks and not yet satisfied with my mix.

To be honest: here and there in the tracks there is a tempo / on-beat problem Wink

All mixing groups (drums, bass, guitar, piano, trumpets, sax, trombone) have been quantized (drums still not entirely to my satisfaction) and polyfonic tuned ( not so well too)

I think I am still gonna work on this in the near future. Big Grin


.mp3    Lindy Hip Big Band - The Opener.mp3 --  (Download: 5.83 MB)

Pro Tools 12.7
-Mobile and static studios are ready :-)
'Mixing is pure subjective, once the 1st mix is launched it will be considered as the best, hence the standard'
Nice balanced mix Luc !
The overheads are a touch bright in the top end Big Grin !

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