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some comments on this track
Hi folks,
It's great to hear some nice mixing work going on here, and I hope you are enjoying this track. As you may know, I've yet to release it or even mix it myself, so I'm listening to what's being presented to hear different approaches.

I wanted to make a couple of comments.

First, some of you have noticed the challenges on the snare tracks. There are at least two times I'm aware of that the sound gets real thin for a short time. The drums were comped from a handful of takes and it seems there was some inconsistency in the miking between some of those takes. So feel free to deal with it as best you can, even if that means cutting and pasting measures. Or not. Within limits, a little inconsistency in sound doesn't bother me if the playing is good.

For your consideration, I had the idea to do a long fade out on the whole second half of the outro section, from the time drums go back to side-stick till the end. If anyone feels like trying that, I'd love to hear it. Long fades seem to have gone out of style, but I kinda like them.

I guess that's it for now. Feel free to ask questions, and I'll answer if possible. Have fun.
James May
Hi James, great song. Thanks for letting us have 1st pass at the mix.

I made mention in my original thread that the slide outro had a mark knopfler feel to the melody phrasing but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Having racked my brains for a week....and now read your idea about fade came to me...the song was "Lady Writer" .... and that has a long fade out too!

Anyway....I've posted up a fade out version.....mix 1.2.

Cheers, Simon
Hello James, i had a lot of fun mixing this great song. I will try the fade out you mentioned and will post it when im done making some adjustments to the song.

Hi James, Fine song. It reminded me in some way of Blue Oyster Cult's, Don't Fear The Ripper. Not the melody, but rather the feeling, so I took that approach when mixing the song. Would be great to hear your comment :-)
Best Wishes
Changed the ending to fade out.
more info from James re this track and slide guitar set-up

(24-08-2015, 03:12 AM)James May Wrote: p.s. factoid - The lovely electric slide guitar work is not me, but rather a fine player from Los Angeles named Randy Mitchell. We recorded that at his home studio. For those who care about such details, he played a 335 through a distortion box of some sort, with a delay pedal, and then into a Fender head, finally into a power soak DI box (can't recall the brand), straight into the line input of his converter. No speaker or mic was involved. In retrospect I would have added the delay after the fact, but it was printed on the takes, and the astute observer will notice it is discontinuous in places where I comped the takes together. But I don't think anyone hears it in context with the song.