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Broken Man
Hi, this is my mix, any good??


.mp3    broken man Mp3.mp3 --  (Download: 9.42 MB)

Hi there

Listening on headphones, the percussive elements which bounce left-right are quite heavy on the old ears and are making the rest of the track sound low in volume by comparison. There's a lot of bottom end 'pound' in them which is rather fatiguing at the moment. Try taking these down about 6-10dB or so - they'll still be audible but won't be as hard to listen to.

I like the delay/verb you have on the vocals during the verse, and the backing vocals are sitting nicely against the lead vocals.

The bass (supplied) in this track is all low end and not much mid range body. Try using some subtle parallel distortion (don't forget to high-pass the distortion channel to remove the mud below 300-500Hz!) or multiband compression on the bass channel itself to rebalance the frequencies so that there is a bit more mid range in the signal so it is able to be audible on smaller speakers.

So, in answer to your question, 'yes' it is a good start, but a few things need to be adjusted to make it easier to listen to Smile

Hope that this has helped!

So many songs, so little time!