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Skelpolu - 'Human Mistakes' from brus
Hi everyone!

When I found that site my mind was blown away. It is such a gold Big Grin.

I lurked for some time, and i think now it is time to post my first mix.

Working with "Human Mistakes" was very nice and fun, I love this vocoder on vocals.

There is leaking from delay in the intro (from automated feedback), but overall i found this to be quite interesting Tongue

I tried to achive modern EDM loudness, so please be careful with volume!

I would love to see any comments, i am bedroom producer, so maybe You will hear some mistakes which I can not Smile

Big up! Love from Poland.

.mp3    01 - Skelpolu - Human Mistakes (Studio Pod Kocem Mix).mp3 --  (Download: 12.03 MB)