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our love is here to stay - acl mix1
loved it. let me know please

.mp3    Our love is here to stay (acl mix1).mp3 --  (Download: 10.9 MB)

After listening to these mixes I'm torn between the up front vocal and the darker ones.. I like the up front version because you get to hear her voice more Smile, but it also brings out some sibilance as well.. I feel like the track is overcompressed.. not sure if its the master track or on individual sounds, but it doesn't allow me to hear the beauty of the song. The bass I can definitely hear the compression on.. The track is a bit too aggressive with all the compression.. it seems to be intended as a more relaxed song. Also, with the compression I am able to hear the bleed in the other tracks a lot and they aren't exactly on timing with the others so it is a very noticeable negative effect. Take a listen to some of the other mixes.. you might get a better feel for the vibe of the song.
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I know it's pretty subjective, but I think this track requires a different approach to a typical pop song. The original recording was a bunch of quality musicians all playing together (with overdubbed sax) and arguably the aim of the mixer is simply to try and recreate that vibe as much as possible. It sounds to me a bit like things have been compressed not necessarily because they needed it but because compression is just something we add almost by habit (certainly guilty of that myself).

You might also want to experiment more with panning in particular - try and get everything into its own space. At the moment the overheads are kind of embracing everything whereas the drums shouldn't be particularly prominent, and the piano, electric and sax need their own space.

Hope that helps, please comment on my mix of this one if you get chance, cheers
Thank you Mr. IshouldBsleeping and Mr. londonmatt!

Yes, you both are right, I used compressors, distortion and much more to satisfy that little "make it loud and dirty" devil in me. It may not be the right aproach for this beautiful song, but i love it anyway. Next time I will maybe beat him, but most of the time that little Angus is stronger then me and when I'm on that vibe it's hard to stop and change (you know what I mean)!

I will listen to your mixes in a quiet moment the next days and give you a reply if you wish so. Thanx again!

Greetings from Italy, acl