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Human Mistakes - 'Virtual API console' Mix

Hey, I had a great time attempting a mix for this song. Some things I will make note of and then wait for your feedback:

I started downloading sessions from this site 3 months ago when I finally got my new Pro Tools rig all set up, and was ready to dive in and seriously practice mixing for the first time. I did some of the acoustic country and big-band tracks first. This was my first attempt at mixing Drum and Bass, so it was fun to get to a place where I was a little more unsure of what the final mix was to be like, but just like everything else, I was trying to make everything audible, balanced, and punchy. This is the first one I have posted back to the forum for discussion.

I used the Waves API 550 EQ plugin on every track for a "console" type effect, to help me get familiar with that type of restriction. I used a handful of different compressors just on the bass, drums, and the piano. Thats really all there is on the track inserts. This was the first time in my practice mixes I felt the need to use fader automation, at first just for the 'noise', but I ended up doing a lot more of it across every track at the very end of the process, and it helped in voicing the vocal harmonies the way I wanted. I ended up side-chaining the cymbal in a compressor to duck the 'noise' out of the way, cause I didn't like when they went off together. I left the master fader dry (no mastering effect) but I was using Maxim a bit as I was mixing to get a sense of what that would do. This was my 3rd pass at bouncing down a final mix that I thought I could live with on this song.

Thoughts? Would love to hear what you think... be honest, I won't take offense, all in the spirit of education! And thanks for posting your sessions.

.mp3    Human Mistakes Print Mix_2.mp3 --  (Download: 12.01 MB)

Her mixninja
You forgot the mix ?
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I guess something went wrong, my computer had a very slow wifi connection. I updated the post with the mix again!