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APZX - Transcention
I needed a change after so many acoustic mixes. I always have a lot of fun when mixing electrónica, so here's my 'creation' Big Grin

Comments and advice for improvement are welcomed!

.mp3    APZX - Transcention.mp3 --  (Download: 7.49 MB)

mixing since April 2013
Overall sound feels very good to me.

Instrument balances and frequency balance also good to my ears.

I like this much more than the original version. Maybe you have muted those most ugly electronical sounds. So your version is much more musical to my ears. On the other hand, I admit I don’t know anything about electronical music.

Low rumble, caused by bass? Is there reveb both in bass and kick? Maybe something there is causing something that bothers me.

On the other hand it’s just that weird musical spaciousness what I like most in your mix. So if you try to ”cure” the rumble, the overall sound might lose something crucial.

Also the natural drum sound fits fine to your overall concept.
it was all done on purpose. I can hear that rumble, but for some reason I like it. Probably in a different kind of style I would have removed it right away, but it's not the case. Yes, both the bass and the kick have reverb, but with a high pass filter so it wouldn't ruin the low frequencies.

I've also tried to achieve a huge and mysterious space in the mix. Somehow I've tried to make this song mine. I'm also glad you liked it better than the original. It has 'Juan's touch' (that's the conceited me speaking hehehe) Wink
mixing since April 2013