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Jesper Buhl Trio: A simplified approach
Thank you for listening!

My main goal here was to try and create a mix with as little automation or processing as possible that was still clear and well defined.

I'm using Reaper and the stock plugins with only a few exceptions such as a freeware Tokyo Dawn Labs compressor. This mix was done on headphones.

I've used a light hand with any panning. The bass is slightly left, and both piano tracks are slightly panned to the right. I did this because it seemed to minimize the issues with the snare bleed causing issues. The drums are meant to sit more in the middle and provide a cohesive image of the kit.

I wanted to see if I could create a good sounding mix without automation or expensive plugins. How did I do?

I really appreciate any feedback you have and look forward to hearing what you think.

.mp3    jazz_trio.mp3 --  (Download: 8.7 MB)

I dig the mix. sounds great on my HD650's.

Instead of panning, try using the Haas effect. It's where you delay a signal on one side somewhere in the range of 5-12 ms. It will pan the sound to one side, but is less phasey than traditional panning. In Reaper, I use TimeDelayer to accomplish this. It's a great effect. (I don't think your mix has phase issues, but I just like to provide some ideas to people who may not know the technique).

Again, fantastic mix.


P.S. Some people might be offended by your panning of the bass, but if you're using a stage image I totally get it
Cool. I will now look that up. Thank you loweche6.