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Skelpolu: 'Entwine'
My mix

.mp3    Entwine.mp3 --  (Download: 12.56 MB)

Right of the bat, this is, I do want to believe so, the best take of yours on my tracks so far!
I'm loving that there's this very subtle but ever so slightly noticable sidechaining - gives it a bit more pump! Smile
The lead-synth might be a tad too dry, but I've noticed that you tend to stay away from too much delay, which is better than too much in the end.
Other than that, I already expected the lead-synth to sound every so slightly different from mix to mix, as its sound is devided onto two tracks - You kept most of the brass-sound, which is suits your mix a lot!

/edit: I've just noticed how quick you've come to mix this track, it's amazing at which speed you've created this! I think this only goes to show how a faster mix can turn into a better mix by relying on your intuition more!

Overall, great job with this one just like the rest of your mixes, this mix however really goes beyond the scope of your previous mixes, in a good way - Keep it up mate! Smile
Cheers I will have another go at the other one its not good eq wise.
Yeah im pretty quick its just the way I work now,i also mixed the other
2 new tracks in the night so that was 3 lol.
(30-04-2015, 08:44 AM)Skelpolu Wrote:'s amazing at which speed you've created this! I think this only goes to show how a faster mix can turn into a better mix by relying on your intuition more!

with respect, my audiophile ears of 4 decades are telling me this mix is majorly problematic. this mix is HIGHLY fatiguing, and i'd go so far as to say that it's likely to be a physical hazard at elevated SPL's.

i've engaged in a couple of your arrangements, the most recent being Resurrection (i've totally remixed it, thanks for the opportunity by the way...). both without exception, contained overly bright treble in the raw materials, to the point where my sensitive ears were experiencing pain despite low monitoring levels at about conversation level. i actually switched the monitors off and loaded up some temporary high cut filters based only on the FFT until i had the chance to mix proper so it wouldn't smash my ears and knock my perceptions for six (do you play cricket?).

this mix has not taken advantage of sufficient high cut, nor of shaping the treble-rich material in a way that balances the spectrum appropriately. might i suggest that you are missing this error because your ears are most likely accustomed to the brightness/harshness perhaps? what worries me is why they seem accustomed.

i will flag up something that is important, and i make no apology for getting on my soap box regarding the issues out there in the music community concerning the touchy subject of hearing impairment. i'm not suggesting you have impaired hearing, but i can't for the life of me understand how anyone can even track material as bright as your submissions without their ears catching fire...and likewise i can't understand how anyone can simply mix it without noticing the major problem. be aware that impaired hearing is a modern-day hazard as people's recreational habits are changing (headphones, plugs....too much SPL as well as long durations of exposure) and governments globally are now concerned that even youths and young adults are showing serious impairment. the first thing we lose is the treble and by the time we are aware of it, it's normally too late.

if you have any doubts, get your ears checked professionally (DON'T rely on home testing.....your environment isn't a surgery!). i had mine checked as a matter of routine less than a year ago and i have golden ears....i thank my days in heavy industry for educating me early on about the risks of hearing impairment. i'm the guy who wears ear protection on a long drive, flights, parties....wherever there's excessive noise or prolonged exposure. 60 percent of professional musicians suffer hearing impairment to some extent from their profession. we can only guess the statistics for non-professionals who've not even had the benefit of being educated in the dangers.......

take care!!
Beware...........Cognitive Dissonance!