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So I took a shot towards this awsome but complex song.

In the end i feel there is something wrong whit the summer, becouse there is some distortion in some part in the low end. I will take a look how that ended up there.

Never the less I am really curius what you think of this mix. Let me know!

.mp3    PabloMartin_Progresivo1ElVuelo_Full.mp3 --  (Download: 8.95 MB)

Hi marcel! About the low freq it seems to have too much bass on the bass guitars (maybe the eq was too aggresive?). every track sound nice by itself but check levels and layers (like reverbs and delays, some eq, etc). Maybe adding some more room to the drum to send it back, plus more orchestra will make a difference, but i wouldnt change how the tracks sounds, personally i like them

ThereĀ“s a new one coming in case you want to keep going crazy with tracks Wink