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Dead Roses - mixed at The Shack
Please have a listen to my mix of Andrew Cole's - Dead Roses
This was one of 7 songs I did on a 1 week mix binge.
I appreciate any feedback.

.mp3    05 - Andrew Cole - Dead Roses.mp3 --  (Download: 8.98 MB)

Low mids in the piano down just a little bit? Not much at all. Mid highs on electric guitar and vox clashing just a little bit? And maybe a little too much air on the vox? All of these are maybe 1-2 dB too loud, if at all. I think the electric is the biggest offender. Aside from that, fantastic balances and panning.

Great Job

Thanks Draper. I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment. I agree with what you said about the mids.
It's the subtleties that take a good mix to a great mix.
Cheers ... Perry
Good one. I notice some esses, a tom way out left, a clean guitar that could be a bit duller. Liked it.
Thanks for taking a listen and passing on your comments.
It helps with getting better and getting more consistent.
Cheers ..
Overall, the individual sounds are fine, however I feel you missed the mark a bit on the musicality of the approach. Things just seem a bit disjointed and the whole does not seems to make a song.
Sorry for the tough notes. Based on the quality of the sounds I bet you can do better. It does seems to come together a more towards the end of the song and your vocal treatments are pretty cool.
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This mix needs some glue. The individual parts sound great, no complaints about the drums, guitars, or piano, or even the vox! They just need to find their space in the mixes "image". I love the way you use her vox on the BGV parts and then bring her back to the forefront when her verse comes in.

Personally I didn't do that, but hey, everyone has their interpretation. I will say, that for her vocals on the verse she leads, i want it more present, she'd just a tad to far away for me, especially in comparison to the male voice.

To help balance it up, i'd make the piano a bit wider, and a tad wetter to make it sit back in the mix a bit. The OH's should be a bit wider, and up a little more in the mix. The electric is a bit bright and competes with the voice when they are playing together. Perhaps some form of Side Chain Compression, or Side Chain Banded Compression, to make that guitar sit back a little when the vocals are singing, but still have it up doing its thing when they aren't singing.

Just some thoughts!
This is a very good mix. I think it could use some improvement in a couple of areas though. The EQ is very nice and well balanced, but it needs some glue. I'd try some subtle bus compression. Also, the vocals seem a bit wet for the rest of the mix. But the thing that stuck out to me the most was the dryness of the snare drum. That seemed to stick out to my ear more than anything else. The piano and the acoustic guitar sound beautiful and lush, but that snare drum is very dry.