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What Is This Thing Called Love_mix by Tommy Marcinek
(01-06-2015, 07:28 PM)dcocharro Wrote: I guess in order to achieve that you had to use lots of compression and Eq, but in a nice way.
I think you did a nice job, specially with the timbric properties of each instrument.
The recording sounds fresh because of the new timbric color each instrument got.
It's difficult to achieve that, specially with spill from the microphones.

Thanks for the props. You have excellent observations. Yes, I may have used lots of compression and eq but I also love valve/tube emulators.....those plugins are great because they add subtle distortion and harmonics. They also help in toning down the sterility of the digital recording environment. Try those for getting a beefier sound. I love them! I'm sure it is the valve emulators that have colored the instruments and that's why they sound a bit different in the mix as you have noted. Sometimes I go too far with them and have to go back and turn them down a bit. I love Antares Tube Emulator....great plugin....simple and easy to use...just dial in the amount you want as you mix.....just fantastic.

Tom - Tommy Marcinek