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Who I Am - Lammy Version
Hi there,
finally I found a Saturday to dedicate to this great song.
Trickier than expected.

- I spent a lot of time on the snare only that I found particularly nasty to get a decent warm punch with a controlled tail. Tried at least a dozen different combinations of snare top-snare bottom-snare plugins and reverbs. Ended up with a very short plate on both and a longer on the top. Rimshot beginning part is treated differently with a plain plate. The HH and overheads also treated to avoid the snap adding up to the snare.
- acu guts are sent to some reamp busses to add a bit of warmth
- some tricky de-essing on fiddle and vocal. resumed a sonnox supresser that "fixed" somehow (I assume).
- very little automation. may come later
- I got comments in the past for very centered mixes (near mono) so I spread around some instruments

Not much else to report.

.mp3    WhoIAm 01.02.M01.mp3 --  (Download: 7.11 MB)

"... I'm listening. Yes."
from Switzerland