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Uncle Dad - Who I Am - Mixed by Mange
(19-03-2013, 11:11 AM)mange Wrote: Had a look at the pointers made by XabiX.

Rim: I changed level and amount of reverb but eventually went back to my original setting.
Bass: Redid the EQ and added some distortion! First time trying this trick.. read about it in Mikes book. I have not tested it on true grotboxes yet. Just ordinary monitors hipassed and lowpassed to somewhat approximate some grots.
Kick: Backed off som smack, it got better. DidnĀ“t take it to the point of ERJEE though.

More or less closing this track now. Pointers are still welcome.

Drums sound better in this mix, though the snare is still a little too snappy for my taste. Again, backing vocals need to be up a bit; I kept feeling like they were too far back, not providing the emotional punch they should. Also my original criticism about bringing the instruments up a bit in the early going still applies.

Gotta love what you did with the bass, though; nice and full sounding here, which is something often missing in commercial mixes. You say that was done with a little distortion? Interesting; I never would have guessed that given how smooth it sounds. I'm gonna have to try that trick if I ever have trouble getting bass to come out in a mix. Big Grin
John A. Ardelli
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