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human mistakes
Thank You for commenting and for your song on cambridge! Did never look back to see if someone posted something because i just started here at that time and didn't get a notification from your reaction. And most of the time i didn't get Any reactions Smile. Good points and tips, think i wil work on that and post a remix. Thx again!!


(10-02-2015, 01:52 PM)Skelpolu Wrote: Hey there August!

Glad to see your Mix of my Song! Smile
I like the idea of your panning in this Mix quite a bit, I must say! Fairly creative instrument-pan overall, not one side is overpowered, good job!
Apart from that, I have noticed that the Snare is fairly quiet in this Mix - That, as I can tell, is due to the EQing and lack of Compression. Try adding more phatness to the Snare in the 200-350 Hz region and then using a Compressor with fast attack and release ( The release can vary from 0 to, I'd say, 40 ms )
. The lack of Bass made me feel sad. Sad I would have really loved to feel more of the Bass and Kick as those are, with the Snare, the most essential parts of a Drum & Bass track for most Artists.
In any case, I have to admit that your EQing is decent, apart from the mentioned things. Most people tend to overdo the EQing as it's one of the most fun things to hear instantaneous changes in the sound. I'm glad to hear that you don't let that happen to your Mixes!

I would love to see more of you, good job on this Mix so far! Smile


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