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First off, everything is extremely heavy in the 4k region. I get that the tracks were already very harsh in that area, but it seems like the drums and lead guitars especially had the 4k emphasized in a way that wasn't super flattering. I like the balance of the mix, although there's a HUGE scoop from 400hz to 2khz. It kinda works during the more brutal parts, but especially with the weird widening effect, it just makes it sound phasey and out of balance at parts. The track could probably get even louder if you had more of those midrangey elements and cut some of that 4k from the stuff that doesn't need quite so much.
You're not the only one though, trust me! These tracks already had a lot of that high mid content. Otherwise, I think this is a pretty good mix. It's just weirdly widened and too bright in that one area.

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